Terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellations will be fully refunded if made with 24 hours notice. If cancellations are less than this unfortunately no refunds will be available.
  2. Although Food Heroes will ensure hand washing prior to the session beginning, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility that each child has properly washed their hands before any contact with food.
  3. As part of the Food Heroes experience food may be cooked in ovens during the session. Precautions will be taken to ensure children are kept safe around cooking facilities however it is the responsibility of the parent/guardians to ensure their child is kept away from these facilities.
  4. Once any food prepared at our Food Heroes classes leaves the premises it is no longer Food Heroes companies responsibility or the venue in which the class is held . It is the responsibility of the parent or carer to follow reheating/refrigeration recommendations.
  5. Food Heroes recommend food is consumed on the day of preparation and if requires reheating should be piping hot/82 degrees C. Food requiring refrigeration should be cooled ASAP following the class.
  6. Food Heroes are keen to support all dietary requirements and as registered Dietitians are keen to support all children achieve a balanced diet. Parents/Guardians must inform Food Heroes at the point of booking of any allergies/requirements. 
  7. Food Heroes will try it’s best to ensure every scheduled session runs as planned, however there may be cancellations or sessions may be postponed at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Refunds will be issued.
  8. As a member of Food Heroes you are expected to respect and value all members of the group and are responsible for your child’s safety and behaviour throughout our session.
  9. Toys will be provided for use by children, and it is the parent/guardians responsibility to oversee these activities and maintain a safe experience.
  10. Food Heroes have the right to refuse entry to any adult/parent/guardian/child.
  11. Food Heroes require payment upfront and before any classes or block bookings.
  12. When attending Food Heroes parents/guardian have full responsibility for their children.
  13. Photographs may be taken at classes and distributed via social media. There is the chance that children may be in a photo of another child and this could be distribute via social media etc. Please confirm in writing via email to info@food-heroes.co.uk if you wish for no photos of your child to be shared/posted on Social Media.